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viernes, 4 de noviembre de 2016

Calochilus robertsonii, localizada por Ben Simpfendorfer en Rushworth

Horticulturist Ben Simpfendorfer has found an endangered orchid just five minutes’ drive from the main street of Rushworth in Whroo Historic Reserve.

‘‘I found six bearded orchids in a three by three-metre patch when I was walking through the bush last week,’’ he said.

‘‘They are a threatened species and it’s just pure luck that I stumbled across them at the perfect time of year when they’re in bloom.’’

The endangered orchids, only 30cm tall with small 2cm flowers, are described as looking like a man’s beard.

‘‘It must’ve been the ideal climate and location for these little beauties to grow because they need a particular type of underground fungi for the seed to germinate,’’ Mr Simpfendorfer said.

‘‘I’ve been to a few orchid society meetings and many people have never heard of them.’’

Mr Simpfendorfer said there were more than 30000 species of orchids around the world and he did not believe anyone else knew these grew in Rushworth.

‘‘Orchids are so diverse and the way they have evolved to survive is quite amazing,’’ he said.

‘‘I’ve travelled around Victoria searching for orchids to photograph and these bearded orchids are special because you can’t buy them. They’re near impossible to propagate.’’

Mr Simpfendorfer said he would keep the location of his find a secret.


6 comentarios:

  1. Que ejemplar tan interesante hace poco me mostraron uno similar, aunque quizás me este patinando un poco desde Australia

  2. it's a treat to see this orchid - thank you for sharing

  3. Hola Angel, te pregunte en el post anterior por la festa das orchideas de guimaraes, la conoces, es recomendable como para visitarla, es como las ferias, donde se expone y se puede comprar? Espero tus noticias. Un saludo!

    1. Hola, te he comentado al respecto en la otra consulta.
      Un saludo


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